The story of Tenacious Trevor and Prodigy Pete

Uncategorized Dec 07, 2016

After a morning walk I found myself pondering over whether or not Jiu Jitsu gives equally to all people. That is to say, "Is Jiu Jitsu for everyone or do some simply get more out of it than others due to genetics, age, previous injuries, etc?"


I found myself looking back at some extreme examples of people whom I have trained. First is the natural athlete. This is the hyper strong young guy who never gets injured and can tap people who are much more experienced than he or she is simply due to their physical mat prowess. Let's call this student Prodigy Pete.


We also now have Prodigy Pete's polar opposite, Tenacious Trevor. Tenacious Trevor likely came to the gym with injuries, and most certainly a lack of physical attributes like strength, fitness, flexibility, etc. Trevor always comes to training on time and loves Jiu Jitsu more than anything. Yet Trevor can get frustrated when he sees Prodigy Pete tapping him or other students when he has to fight for every inch every time he rolls.


I have seen the above scenario play out in both my gym and others around the planet and it can leave the impression that Jiu Jitsu's benefits are best enjoyed by those who are natural athletes. However, those who have been in BJJ long enough know that the exact opposite of this idea actually is much closer to the truth.....let me elaborate.


Prodigy Pete thinks he is a confident popular guy, yet everyone in the gym thinks he is a douchebag and much prefers the company of tenacious Trevor who is almost always a humble guy. Jiu Jitsu has provided me with friends from all over the globe and in this area, Tenacious Trevor clearly has been given more benefit from Jiu Jitsu than Prodigy Pete.


Now comes another big benefit of Jiu Jitsu, confidence. While Prodigy Pete walks around like King Kong, my opinion is that he is insecure and we often see this kind of person eventually shun competition and rolling due to fear of failure and losing his tough guy reputation. Tenacious Trevor on the other hand walked into the gym without any shred of self-confidence or self-esteem yet I see over and over again this type of human being become a self-confident, calm human being which permeates benefits throughout his or her life.


While I could go on and on all day giving examples, you can see that upon closer inspection, Jiu Jitsu is quite fair on students. Those like Pete that have too much self-confidence will eventually lose it or else they will likely lose Jiu Jitsu from their life by giving up or being asked to take a break from their gym. And the students like Trevor who don't have enough confidence or friends end up having these cups filled in their life by Jiu Jitsu.


So what to make of all this rambling??????............ To quote  - Rigan Machado

"Love Jiu Jitsu and Jiu Jitsu will love you back"

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