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Hi Everyone - My name is Coach Tom and this is my website - The Grappling Academy. I sure hope you like it.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is one of the most difficult sports that you could possibly undertake. It is not just physically draining but it takes an emotional toll as well. As Jiu Jitsu practitioners we 'test our metal' every time we roll with our partners. And let's be honest, for every winner of that roll - there is a loser.

Trust me, I've been on the losing side for more than my fair share. And how does it feel? how does it feel to put in so much effort and time and then just turn up and get smashed? to feel like you are going backwards.

Well, you are not alone! I've built this site to provide the highest quality instructional with the types of detail, tricks, cheats and hacks that make ALL the difference. This is the stuff that has taken me years of time on the mat, years of failure and countless hours working with the world's best to refine. And that's the fantastic thing about the internet, I can provide this to you, easily and quickly at the end of your finger tips.

Check out all the free content and give that a try. I add to this ALL the time. Also, keep your eye out for my special instructionals which I release only a couple of times a year.

Please enjoy, and don't be afraid to leave your thoughts and feedback. I'm always trying to make things better.



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