Leglock Masterclass

I guarantee you have never seen an instructional like this. I have covered EVERYTHING you need to know about leg locks BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY..... nothing you don’t need to know!

Leglock Master Class

$148.00 USD

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Master Class - Box Set

Master Class Box Set - Sale (Over 50% off)

$97.00 USD

All 4 Master Classes - for just $97. That's over 50% off the marked price.  The Master Classes are: The Kimu...

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Free and Sample Courses

Heelhook / Footlock - Master Class


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Awesome Courses

Kimura Attack System - Master Class

$47.00 USD

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Trap Door Series - Master Class

$47.00 USD

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Blue Belt Curriculum - Super Series

$47.00 USD

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14 Days to better BJJ

$77.00 USD

From white to purple belt, these 14 lessons will cover everything from grips to sweeping mechanics to the secrets to ...

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